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IT'S BLACK FRIDAY BAYBEEEE!!! Your Half-wit underlings are running around and stealing as much junk as possible. Those idiots are wearing christmas neons and are easy target for security drones! Click on them to turn their christmas lights off for a second, so that the security drone won't see them, otherwise they'll kill your precious sla-.. uhhh workers, I mean workers.  Don't mash your mouse on them so they won't trip...

Sometimes crates with power-up will appear on map but beware, sometimes there is a debuff inside!

Game made at Sensei Game Jam 2018


Michał Ertner - level design, voices

Radek Krystkowiak - programming, voices

Jacek Iwanicki - programming, voices

3D assets : https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/sci-fi/polygon-sci-fi-city...

Animations: https://www.mixamo.com/


BlackDeadlyFriday.rar 28 MB

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